Shameful February Wrap up

So I’m sure you all remember what I said about reading more this year and not stressing myself out and posting more on my blog, WELL I’VE SCREWED UP ALREADY. But we mustn’t lose hope, guys. The truth is I’ve been really swamped with school and only actually finished ONE BOOK this month. Shameful, I know, I swear I’ll do better.

And I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this on the blog but in addition to reading more, I also made the resolution to watch 100 movies this year. It sounds crazy but I really love movies and haven’t been watching as many as I would like to these past few years. So while I only finished reading one book this month, I did watch three movies (still not a lot, I know but) YAY ME. So on to the stuff I’ve been reading and watching this month:

1. Books

So the one book that I DID finish was With Malice by Eileen Cook for which productive lil me wrote and posted a review for which I will link: here. It wasn’t the best book I’d ever read but it wasn’t awful either, it was a fun ride.

And even though I only finished one book this month, I have been reading. I’m about at the winter-finalhalfway point of Winter by Marissa Meyer, the last book in the Lunar Chronicles series, and part of me is wondering if the reason its taking me so long to get through it because of how attached I am to these characters?!? Considering of course, that it isn’t a slow moving book at all, I love it, so that’s probably the case. That being said, it is a very chunky book (823 pages!!!!!) and I have been very busy. If you wanna know about my reading progress: I’m 434 pages in, the spine of this chunky book has been creased, and shit is going down like I’m not kidding Kai just got frikkin married to Laverna and Cinder is being held by her in a cell and like the rest of them are all over the place I don’t know how they’ll get out of this and *breathes* everything is fine, it’s totally fine.

I have also been listening to the audiobook of A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas. YES WORLD, NUSHU FINALLY GETS THE ACOTAR HYPE. Well, not quite because I’m notcourt-of-thorns-and-roses-sarah-maas1 yet done with it and I realize that most of the hype is for the second book but I’ll get there. It’s by no means a perfect book, I mean the writing doesn’t blow me away but it’s okay. I have about 3 hours (?) left to listen to so I’ll hopefully finish it today so you can look out for a rant on my instagram. So far, Feyre just fought the big hairy bullworm from spongebob but she got an ouchie and shadow boi just helped her out but now she gotta live with shadow boi for a week every month or something  it’s pretty amusing.

2. Movies

So the of the three movies I watched this month, one was a rewatch but shhhh we count rereads in our goodreads challenges, how is this any different?

The first movie I watched was on Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend and it was The mv5bnte4mwvhymutzgfjms00mgm5ltg2mdetztkyytg3nmm0yznhxkeyxkfqcgdeqxvyndm1nzq0na-_v1_ux182_cr00182268_al_Matchbreaker. Oh the irony of watching a movie about a guy who breaks couples up on Valentine’s Day amirite? If you have not heard of The Matchbreaker, it’s a super hilarious movie about this guy who gets hired by parents to break up their kid’s relationships, that is those that they don’t approve of. I watched it because I’d seen a French movie about more or less the same thing and really enjoyed that so I wanted to give this a try too. It also was Christina Grimmie’s last movie before she died and seeing her in it and knowing thaedge_of_seventeent she died before the movie even premiered was absolutely heartbreaking but it’s a super fun, lighthearted movie.

The second movie I watched was The Edge of Seventeen starring Hailee Steinfeld and OMG I LOVED IT EVERY BIT AS MUCH AS I THOUGHT I WOULD. Literal perfection. The cast was
hilarious, I laughed out loud so many times. I also cried at the reality of it all. It’s just such a good movie. The cast was amazing, I loved Woody Harrelson’s character, he made me laugh numerous times and just, it’s such an incredible movie. I honestly think everyone should watch it.

The movie I rewatched was The Kings of Summer by the way. Anyone who knows me will be well aware of how much I love and appreciate that movie and I will never get bored of it just as I will never stop appreciating the character of Biaggio.

3. General month wrap up

My bookstagram is looking pretty darn good right now, if I do say so myself. I’m actually really happy with how it looks, if you’d like a little sneak:

I also got 8 new succulents (YES EIGHT) and they’re all still alive an named after book characters: Ezra, Thorne, William, Poppet, Widget, Cress, Jacin and Mik.

AND THE BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT OF THE MONTH: I haven’t bought any books at all in February *takes a bow*



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