New bookish year!


Well, it’s a new reading year, everyone. I was initially gonna make this a long rambly and stressed out post about how I can’t finish my Goodreads goal but I DID IT. I read a total of 51 books in 2016 (my goal was to read 50) and while it was incredibly relieving and satisfying to have read that many books, I’ve decided not to make myself got through that again.

I usually always set my goal to 50 books, mostly because I can never seem to complete that challenge but since for the first time I had, I was kinda stumped. I mean do I keep it at 50 or do I raise the bar higher and aim for 60? In the end, I decided and have now set my Goodreads challenge to (wait for it, guys) 30 BOOKS. Now I can just imagine you all being all confused and disappointed like ‘what Nushu? Only 30?’ so lemme explain.

It’s almost become tradition now: every year as school closes for mid term breaks and everyone is getting reading for the holidays I am filled with the inescapable feeling of EXTREME STRESS BECAUSE I’M STILL BEHIND IN MY READING CHALLENGE AHHH. So to photo_2017-01-02_17-48-27_burnedavoid that, I’ve decided to set my goal much lower. Now, don’t worry, this doesn’t mean I’m going to just read 30 books and stop there, hell no. I actually think that without the stress of having to complete this challenge I’ll be able to read even more than I have in previous years (usually around 45 -50). I’ve simply decided to focus more on the quality of the books I’m reading rather than the quantity.

The other goal, I have set for myself is to read more diversely. And by that I don’t just mean reading all genres of books, I also mean reading books with characters of varying and ethnicity and sexuality. I want to branch out and read more own voices books. Not only to make myself more aware but to also encourage you guys and the rest of my audience to shine a light on own voices authors and really support their writing so that the YA genre is not just, as whittynovels puts it, a jar of mayonnaise. Maybe soon it can be all the condime28458598nts. I talk a little bit about this in my Diversity in YA post.

Two own voices books that I am really looking forward to this year are When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon and The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. I think both of these books are extremely important and significant steps forward in the #ownvoices movement. When Dimple Met Rishi focuses a lot about the importance of arranged marriages in Indian culture while still sounding really modern and very 32075671much like a rom-com which is just perfect in every way. Whereas The Hate U Give focuses on the Black Lives Matter movement and tells the story of a sixteen year old African-American girl, whose best friend is shot by the police and she is the only witness. Both of these authors seem incredible and are doing amazing things for YA so I recommend you go check out their books.

I am also going to post a lot more on this blog this year where I almost entirely neglected it. Hopefully, get a little more involved in the bookstagram community as well – even though I posted regularly last year, I didn’t really interact with others and now that I’m doing it, it’s really fun and I’m making a lot of new friends. So I’m planning to branch out in that area, try my luck at a few rep searches, hold a giveaway maybe, who knows.

So that is all for this post, everyone. Just a quick run-down of my plans for the year. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any reading resolutions of your own or if you have any diverse book recommendations!




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